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Sustainable Development Target 09.1 Develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including regional and trans-border infrastructure, to support economic development and human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all
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How to achieve? Where is action needed?

For open data regarding this target see #SDG9 - Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

Several articles of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda or the New Urban Agenda describe possible initiatives. If these articles are not listed here, then look them up via Search the Actor Atlas using one or more of these terms economic-development human-well-being quality-infrastructure regional-infrastructure reliable-infrastructure resilient-infrastructure sustainable-infrastructure trans-border-infrastructure.

If you have questions, needs, ideas, answers, comments about "achieving this target near you" we recommend you to use also your neighbourhood's #WWlgu #tagcoding hashtag which can be found via Your community leading sustainable development? #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs.


In other languages

Spanish: #sdt091 - Desarrollar infraestructuras fiables, sostenibles, resilientes y de calidad, incluidas infraestructuras regionales
French: #sdt091 - Mettre en place une infrastructure de qualité, fiable, durable et résiliente, y compris une infrastructure ....
Russian: #sdt091 - Развивать качественную, надежную, устойчивую и стойкую инфраструктуру, включая региональную и трансграничную ...
Chinese: #sdt091 - 发展优质、可靠、可持续和有抵御灾害能力的基础设施,包括区域和跨境基础设施,以支持经济发展和提升人类福祉,重点是人人可负担得起并公平利用上述基础设施
Arabic: #sdt091 - إقامة نى تحتية جيدة النوعية وموثوقة ومستدامة وقادرة عل الصمود، بم ا في ذلك البنى التحتية اةقليمية والعا رة للحدود، ...

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