Sustainable Development Target 11.a support positive economic, social and environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural areas by strengthening national and regional development planning

How to achieve? Where is action needed?

For open data regarding this target see #SDG11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Several articles of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda or the New Urban Agenda describe possible initiatives. If these articles are not listed here, then look them up via Search the Actor Atlas using one or more of these terms economic-link environmental-link national-planning regional-planning social-link.

If you have questions, needs, ideas, answers, comments about "achieving this target near you" we recommend you to use also your neighbourhood's #WWlgu which can be found via Your community leading sustainable development? #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs.

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Spanish: #sdt11a - Apoyar los vínculos económicos, sociales y ambientales positivos entre las zonas urbanas
French: #sdt11a - Favoriser l’établissement de liens économiques, sociaux et environnementaux positifs entre zones urbaines, ...

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