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Sustainable Development Target 17.2 developed countries to implement fully their ODA commitments, including to provide 0.7% of GNI in ODA to developing countries of which 0.15-0.20% to least-developed countries
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For open data regarding this target see #SDG17 - Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

Several articles of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda or the New Urban Agenda describe possible initiatives. If these articles are not listed here, then look them up via Search the Actor Atlas using one or more of these terms developed-countries gni least-developed-countries oda.

If you have questions, needs, ideas, answers, comments about "achieving this target near you" we recommend you to use also your neighbourhood's #WWlgu #tagcoding hashtag which can be found via Your community leading sustainable development? #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs.


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Spanish: #sdt172 - Velar por que los países desarrollados cumplan plenamente sus compromisos en relación con la asistencia oficial ....
French: #sdt172 - Faire en sorte que les pays développés honorent tous leurs engagements en matière d’aide publique au développement,...
Russian: #sdt172 - Обеспечить, чтобы развитые страны полностью выполнили свои обязательства по оказанию официальной помощи ...
Chinese: #sdt172 - 发达国家全面履行官方发展援助承诺,包括许多发达国家向发展中国家提供占发达国家国民总收入0.7%的官方发展援助,以及向最不发达国家提供占比0.15%至0.2%援助的承诺;鼓励官方发展援助方设定目标,将占国民总收入至少0.2%的官方发...
Arabic: #sdt172 - قيام البلدان المتقدمة النمو تنفيذ التزاماتها في مجال المساعدة اة الأية الرسمية تنفيذاا كاملاا، بما في ذلك التزام ...

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