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#ww88K - الأنشطة المالية وأنشطة التأمين
#ww88K - 金融和保险活动
#ww88K - Erbringung von Finanz- und Versicherungsdienstleistungen
#ww88K - Financial and insurance activities
#ww88K - Actividades financieras y de seguros
#ww88K - Activités financières et d’assurances
#ww88K - Kegiatan keuangan dan asuransi
#ww88K - 金融・保険業
#ww88K - Financiële activiteiten en verzekeringen
#ww88K - Финансовая деятельность и страхование

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Resource links
Principles for Responsible Investment
#a4f - II.F. Addressing systemic issues (issues primarily in the financial sector)
Paul Jorion: Stewardship of Finance Chair at VUB (2012-13, Brussels) (lectures on YouTube)
The Deloitte Shadow Banking Index Shedding light on banking’s shadows (May, 2012)
The Guide to Sustainable Banking 2012
The scenarios in the ebook Global Banking 2020: Foresight & Insights (February 2012) by Knowledge@Wharton and Ernst & Young.
Mobile Financial Services
Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) Toolkits: 1. Country Diagnostic Studies Analytical Framework, and 2. Country Process Guidelines for Microinsurance Market Development
A2ii Country Diagnostic Studies for Brazil, Colombia, India, Philippines, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia
Are Bank Regulators Now Encouraging Fraud? (Knowledge@Wharton, December 19, 2012) (See also COFOG 03 Public Order and Safety)

Monitoring & Evaluation

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Our Team?
The Sector?
All together?

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pico: bank & insurance customers, employees in the banking, insurance, and (shadow-banking) sectors
micro: The World Bank
meso: IMF, Microfinance Gateway
macro: Financial Stability Board (FSB)

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Initiative links
Mobile Communications as an enabler for Mobile Financial Services. See reports at Microfinance Gateway

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Recommendations for change

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