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ISIC Rev. 4 description of #ww88Q - Human health and social work activities

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Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) and related functions of government (COFOG): #ww88Q - الأنشطة في مجال صحة الإنسان والعمل الاجتماعي, #ww88Q - 人体健康和社会工作活动, #ww88Q - Esundheits- und Sozialwesen, #ww88Q - Human health and social work activities, #ww88Q - Actividades de atención de la salud humana y de asistencia social, #ww88Q - Santé et activités d’action sociale, #ww88Q - Kesehatan dan kegiatan kerja sosial, #ww88Q - 保健衛生及び社会事業, #ww88Q - Menselijke gezondheidszorg en maatschappelijke dienstverlening, #ww88Q - Деятельность в сфере здравоохранения и социальных услуг
Cochrane Collaboration (U.S.)
The variety of actors involved in the shaping and delivery of health care services is illustrated on the Tanzania actor map
HealthCare Infographics, by Visual Loop (Pinterest pinboard)

Monitoring & Evaluation

Performance should be monitored for social actors at different socio-technical levels in the Social architecture:

me, she or he?

Pico: ME-pico

Our Team?

Micro: ME-micro

The Sector?

Meso: In which countries and in which languages are public clearinghouses with evidence-based clinical practice guidelines available?

All together?

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meso: Guideline Clearinghouse
macro: WHO

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See Initiative management (a Wikiworx page) for some criteria that had better be met in lean and agile cross-initiative communications as various (autonomous) social actors launch initiatives.

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Health Sector Strategic Plan III (Tanzania)

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Recommendations for change



Ensure the availability of context-aware national guideline clearinghouses in all countries and in all major languages of the world.


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