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Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) and related functions of government (COFOG): #ww88J - المعلومات والاتصالات, #ww88J - 信息和通信, #ww88J - Information und Kommunikation, #ww88J - Information and communication, #ww88J - Información y comunicaciones, #ww88J - Information et communication, #ww88J - Informasi dan Komunikasi, #ww88J - 情報通信業, #ww88J - Informatie en communicatie, #ww88J - Информация и связь
How Clean is Your Cloud? (Greenpeace, April 17, 2012)
A better web - better for the environment (Google Green, 2012)
World Bank's Access to Information Policy (July 1, 2010)
Developing Radio Partners: Guidebook On Sustainability (at Scribd)
World Economic Forum Reports
Media Cooperatives Report (Dave Boyle, May 2012)

Monitoring & Evaluation

Performance should be monitored for social actors at different socio-technical levels in the Social architecture:

me, she or he?

Pico: ME-pico

Our Team?

Micro: ME-micro

The Sector?

Meso: ME-meso

All together?

Macro: ME-macro

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pico: Tweeter
micro: Radio Station
meso: International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations
macro: Internet Governance Forum; WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights

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See Initiative management (a Wikiworx page) for some criteria that had better be met in lean and agile cross-initiative communications as various (autonomous) social actors launch initiatives.

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initiative links

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