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Public Private Partnerships

About the roles of and challenges regarding public private partnerships, see Public-Private Partnerships - PPP (Unsolicited Proposals - USP) (Wikiworx page).

Co-operative alongside capitalistic business models

In International Labour Organisation‘s 193/2002 Recommendation on the promotion of cooperatives, it is stated: "a balanced society necessitates the existence of strong public and private sectors, as well as a strong cooperative, mutual and the other social and non-governmental sector". Along these lines, 2001 Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz has recently pointed out: "my research showed that one needed to find a balance between markets, government, and other institutions, including not-for-profits and cooperatives, and that the successful countries were those that had found that balance" (Joseph Stiglitz, Moving beyond market fundamentalism to a more balanced economy, in 80 Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 348 (2009)); and moreover: "success, broadly defined, requires a more balanced economy, a plural economic system with several pillars to it. There must be a traditional private sector of the economy, but the two other pillars have not received the attention which they deserve: the public sector, and the social cooperative economy, including mutual societies and not-for-profits" (ibidem, 356).
Source: footnote 6, page 35 of Study on the implementation of the Regulation 1435/2003 on the Statute for European Cooperative Society (SCE), October 2010.

On how to regulate and organise a cooperative, see Statute for a European Cooperative Society (SCE).

Co-operatively achieving results?

See Stakeholder engagement in

It matters for the #2030Agenda for Sustainable Development - #SDGs, as clarified among others:

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