1. An SCE's statutes may provide for the issue of securities other than shares, or debentures the holders of which are to have no voting rights. These may be subscribed for by members or by non-members. Their acquisition does not confer the status of member. The statutes shall also lay down the procedure for redemption.

2. Holders of securities or debentures referred to in paragraph 1 may be given special advantages in accordance with the statutes or the conditions laid down when they are issued.

3. The total nominal value of securities or debentures referred to in paragraph 1 held may not exceed the figure laid down in the statutes.

4. Without prejudice to the right to attend the general meeting provided for in Article 58(2), the statutes may provide for special meetings of holders of securities or debentures referred to in paragraph 1. Before any decision of the general meeting is taken relating to the rights and interests of such holders, a special meeting may state its opinion, which shall be brought to the attention of the general meeting by the representatives which the special meeting appoints.

The opinion referred to in the first subparagraph shall be recorded in the minutes of the general meeting.


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