14. As a contribution to a more structured approach, we agreed to further strengthen global financial safety nets in which national governments, central banks, regional financial arrangements and international financial institutions will each play a role according to and within their respective mandate. We agreed to continue these efforts to this end. We recognize that central banks play a major role in addressing liquidity shocks at a global and regional level, as shown by the recent improvements in regional swap lines such as in East Asia. We agreed on common principles for cooperation between the IMF and Regional Financial Arrangements, which will strengthen crisis prevention and resolution efforts.

15. As a contribution to this structured approach and building on existing instruments and facilities, we support the IMF in putting forward the new Precautionary and Liquidity Line (PLL). This would enable the provision, on a case by case basis, of increased and more flexible short-term liquidity to countries with strong policies and fundamentals facing exogenous, including systemic, shocks. We also support the IMF in putting forward a single emergency facility to provide non-concessional financing for emergency needs such as natural disasters, emergency situations in fragile and post-conflict states, and also other disruptive events. We call on the IMF to expeditiously discuss and finalize both proposals.

16. We welcome the euro area's comprehensive plan and urge rapid elaboration and implementation, including of country reforms. We welcome the euro area's determination to bring its full resources and entire institutional capacity to bear in restoring confidence and financial stability, and in ensuring the proper functioning of money and financial markets.
We will ensure the IMF continues to have resources to play its systemic role to the benefit of its whole membership, building on the substantial resources we have already mobilized since London in 2009. We stand ready to ensure additional resources could be mobilised in a timely manner and ask our finance ministers by their next meeting to work on deploying a range of various options including bilateral contributions to the IMF, SDRs, and voluntary contributions to an IMF special structure such as an administered account. We will expeditiously implement in full the 2010 quota and governance reform of the IMF.


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