52. We stress the importance of well-functioning and transparent physical and financial energy markets, reduced excessive price volatility, improved energy efficiency and better access to clean technologies, to achieve strong growth that is both sustainable and inclusive. We are committed to promote sustainable development and green growth and to continue our efforts to face the challenge of climate change.

53. We commit to more transparent physical and financial energy markets. Commodity derivatives are being addressed as part of our financial regulation reform agenda. We have made progress and reaffirm our commitment to improve the timeliness, completeness and reliability of the JODI-Oil database as soon as possible. We also commit to support the IEF – JODI work in order to improve the reliability of JODI-Oil and look forward to receiving their recommendations. We will regularly review and assess progress made on this front.

54. We welcome the IEF Charter’s commitment to improve dialogue between oil producer and consumer countries, as well as the holding on January 24, 2011 of the Riyadh Symposium on short, medium and long term outlook and forecasts for oil markets. We call for those meetings to be held on an annual basis and for the IEF, the IEA and OPEC to release a joint communiqué and a report highlighting their outcomes.

55. We note the new JODI-Gas database and commit to work on contributing to it on the basis of the same principles as the JODI-Oil database. We also call for annual symposiums and communiqués on short, medium and long term outlook and forecasts for gas and coal. We call for further work on gas and coal market transparency and ask the IEA, IEF and OPEC, to provide recommendations in this field by mid-2012.

56. Recognizing the role of Price Reporting Agencies for the proper functioning of oil markets, we ask IOSCO, in collaboration with the IEF, the IEA and OPEC, to prepare recommendations to improve their functioning and oversight to our Finance Ministers by mid-2012.

57. We reaffirm our commitment to rationalise and phase-out over the medium term inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption, while providing targeted support for the poorest. We welcome the country progress reports on implementing strategies for rationalizing and phasing out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, as well as the joint report from the IEA, OPEC, OECD and the World Bank on fossil fuels and other energy support measures. We ask our Finance Ministers and other relevant officials to press ahead with reforms and report back next year.


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