90. We welcome the report1 of UK Prime Minister David Cameron on global governance.

91. As our premier Forum for international economic cooperation, the G20 is unique in bringing together the major economies, advanced and emerging alike, to coordinate their policies and generate the political agreement necessary to tackle the challenges of global economic interdependence. It is a Leader-led and informal group and it should remain so. The G20 is part of the overall framework of international governance.

92. We agree that, in order to strengthen its ability to build and sustain the political consensus needed to respond to challenges, the G20 must remain efficient, transparent and accountable. To achieve this, we decide to:

  • Maintain our focus on the broad global economic challenges;
  • Bolster our ability to deliver our agenda and work program effectively. We decide to formalise the Troika, made of past, present and future Presidencies to steer the work of the G20 in consultation with its members. We ask our Sherpas to develop working practices for the G20 under the Mexican Presidency;
  • Pursue consistent and effective engagement with non-members, regional and international organisations, including the United Nations, and other actors, and we welcome their contribution to our work as appropriate. We also encourage engagement with civil society. We request our Sherpas to make us proposals for the next meeting.

93. We reaffirm that the G20’s founding spirit of bringing together the major economies on an equal footing to catalyse action is fundamental and therefore agree to put our collective political will behind our economic and financial agenda, and the reform and more effective working of relevant international institutions.

94. On December 1st. 2011, Mexico will start chairing the G20. We will convene in Los Cabos, Baja California, in June 2012, under the Chairmanship of Mexico. Russia will chair the G20 in 2013, Australia in 2014 and Turkey in 2015. We have also agreed, as part of our reforms to the G20, that after 2015, annual presidencies of the G20 will be chosen from rotating regional groups, starting with the Asian grouping comprising of China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. Details of the regional groups are attached.

95. We thank France for its G20 Presidency and for hosting the successful Cannes Summit.


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