A. Establishment of the secretariat

19. The Fund will establish a secretariat, which will be fully independent. The secretariat will service and be accountable to the Board. It will have effective management capabilities to execute the day-to-day operations of the Fund.

20. The secretariat will be headed by an Executive Director with the necessary experiences and skills, who will be appointed by and be accountable to the Board. The Board will approve the job description and qualifications for the Executive Director. The Executive Director will be selected through a merit-based, open, and transparent process.

21. The secretariat will be staffed with professional staff with relevant experience. The staff selection will be managed by the Executive Director and will be open, transparent and based on merit, taking into account geographical and gender balance.

22. The selection of the host country of the Fund will be an open and transparent process. The selection of the host country will be endorsed by the COP.

B. Functions

23. The secretariat will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Fund, providing administrative, legal and financial expertise. In particular, the secretariat will:

(a) Organize and execute all administrative duties;

(b) Report information on the Fund's activities;

(c) Liaise with members, implementing entities, and cooperating bilateral and multilateral institutions and agencies;

(d) Prepare performance reports on the implementation of activities under the Fund;

(e) Develop the work programme and annual administrative budget of the secretariat and trustee and submit them for approval by the Board;

(f) Operationalize the project and programme cycle processes:

(g) Prepare financial agreements related to the specific financing instrument to be concluded with an implementing entity;

(h) Monitor the financial risks of the outstanding portfolio;

(i) Work with the trustee to support the Board to enable it to carry out its responsibilities;

(j) Carry out monitoring and evaluation functions;

(k) Support the Board in arranging replenishment processes;

(l) Establish and run effective knowledge management practices;

(m) Perform any other functions assigned by the Board.


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