45. Access to Fund resources will be through national, regional, and international implementing entities accredited by the Board. Recipient countries will determine the mode of access and both modalities can be used simultaneously.

46. Recipient countries may designate a national authority. This national designated authority will recommend to the Board funding proposals in the context of national climate strategies and plans, including through consultation processes. The national designated authorities will be consulted on other funding proposals for consideration prior to submission to the Fund to ensure consistency with national climate strategies and plans.

5.4.1 Direct Access

47. Recipient countries will nominate competent sub-national, national and regional implementing entities for accreditation to receive funding. The Board will consider additional modalities that further enhance direct access, including through funding entities with a view of enhancing country ownership of projects and programmes.

5.4.2 International Access

48. Recipient countries will also be able to access the Fund through accredited international entities, including United Nations agencies, multilateral development banks, international financial institutions, and regional institutions.

5.4.3 Accreditation

49. The Board will develop, manage, and oversee an accreditation process for all implementing entities based on specific accreditation criteria that reflect the Fund's fiduciary principles and standards and environmental and social safeguards.


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