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COFOG description of #cofog0423 - Fishing and hunting (CS) (function of government class) (Ens Dictionary).
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A function of government.

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For the function of government in a specific country, add the country's ISO code to #cofog0423, for instance #cofog0423DZ1 for a post or tweet about #cofog0423 - Fishing and hunting (CS) in Algeria.

Evaluating and improving #cofog0423 - Fishing and hunting (CS)

For quite a number of functions of government, the recently agreed Sustainable Development Goals and Targets provide measurable targets.

To know what initiatives have been undertaken, or are being undertaken, the DAC 5 and CRS Purpose Codes (OECD DAC) can be used to consult the OECD DCD-DAC Development finance statistics or the IATI Datastore.


For each function of government a substantial number of online resources are available. Some of these resources are listed here. Additions can be suggested in comments, or posts using #cofog0423.

Resource links
ISIC Rev. 4 description of A.03 - Fishing and aquaculture with classes:
#isic0311 - Marine fishing
#isic0312 - Freshwater fishing
#isic0321 - Marine aquaculture
#isic0322 - Freshwater aquaculture
#isic0170 - Hunting, trapping and related service activities
FAOLEX is a comprehensive and up-to-date legislative database, one of the world's largest electronic collection of national laws and regulations on food, agriculture and renewable natural resources.
Farms and food markets around the world (Pinterest)
The Farmers' Rights Resource Pages for Decision makers and Practitioners (website)
AQUASTAT (FAO's global information system on water and agriculture, developed by the Land and Water Division (with an emphasis on countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.)
Food Security Aid Map by Interaction
A Conceptual Framework for Progressing towards Sustainability in the Agriculture and Food Sector (July 2010, FAO, ISEAL)
Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture Systems (SAFA) (February 2011, FAO)
Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (Committee on World Food Security)
Fisheries tenure - Information resources (at FAO website)
GapMinder Agriculture
Food Security Aid Map by Interaction
Feed the Future (US)

Collaborative planning for the function

A Collaborative Planning Methodology is (simple) repeatable process that can be used to improve the quality of a function of government.

The below table lists some possible questions and format for documenting a collaborative planning for an improved function of government resulting from Awareness, capacity & care for #LocalizingSDGs.

For persons:
Objectives for persons

For organizations:
Objectives for organizations

In a territory:

What are feasible objectives & options for delivering this function of government? Taking into consideration dependencies on the country's resource endowments, what options exist to achieve which objectives for this function of government?

Objectives for the function

Objectives for the territory


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