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A function of government.

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Evaluating and improving #cofog0640 - Street lighting (CS)

For quite a number of functions of government, the recently agreed Sustainable Development Goals and Targets provide measurable targets.

To know what initiatives have been undertaken, or are being undertaken, the DAC 5 and CRS Purpose Codes (OECD DAC) can be used to consult the OECD DCD-DAC Development finance statistics or the IATI Datastore.


For each function of government a substantial number of online resources are available. Some of these resources are listed here. Additions can be suggested in comments, or posts using #cofog0640.

Resource links
December 6, 2012 - Field-Induced Polymer Electroluminescent (FIPEL) - a new lightning alternative
COFOG 06.4.0 /ISIC C - 2740 - Manufacture of electric lighting equipment: Making Global Street Lighting Led Based
ISIC C - 2740 - Manufacture of electric lighting equipment

Collaborative planning for the function

A Collaborative Planning Methodology is (simple) repeatable process that can be used to improve the quality of a function of government.

The below table lists some possible questions and format for documenting a collaborative planning for an improved function of government resulting from Awareness, capacity & care for #LocalizingSDGs.

For persons:
Objectives: Sufficient and reliable lighting on the streets during evening, night and morning.

For organizations:
Private sector roles
Objectives: profitable participation in technology life-cycles
Options: (1 - business-as-usual) use lobby power, lock-in and knowledge access hurldes to push technology life-cycles beyond their ecological optimum.
(2 - recommended) Enable rapid buy-in of proven new technologies in multi-stakeholder strategies.

Public sector roles
Objectives: optimal service levels for minimal total cost of ownership and minimal ecological footprint.
Options: (1 - business-as-usual) non-critical following of the vendors and solution providers.
(2 - recommended) Incentivise solution providers for rapid adoption of ecologically/economically optimal solutions.

In a territory:

What are feasible objectives & options for delivering this function of government? Taking into consideration dependencies on the country's resource endowments, what options exist to achieve which objectives for this function of government?

Objectives: Low energy use, long life-time of the lighting solution, low cost of ownership
Options: LED (see the report Making Global Street Lighting Led Based), FIPEL (see the Dec. 6, 2012 article of Eletronics Weekly)

Objectives: Low total cost of ownership, high reliability, low carbon footprint.


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