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Summary Description

ADB is an international development finance institution whose mission is to help its developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people.

Headquartered in Manila, and established in 1966, ADB is owned and financed by its 67 members, of which 48 are from the region and 19 are from other parts of the globe.

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Aim & Objectives

Achieving inclusive growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration.

Claims & Core Values

Strategy 2020 identifies drivers of change that will be stressed in all its operations:

  • developing the private sector,
  • encouraging good governance,
  • supporting gender equity,
  • helping developing countries gain knowledge, and
  • expanding partnerships with other development institutions the private sector, and with community-based organizations.

By 2012, 80% of ADB lending will be in five core operational areas, identified as comparative strengths of ADB:

  • Infrastructure, including transport and communications, energy, water supply and sanitation and urban development
  • Environment
  • Regional cooperation and integration
  • Finance sector development
  • Education


In pursuing its vision, ADB's main instruments comprise loans, technical assistance, grants, advice, and knowledge.

Although most lending is in the public sector - and to governments - ADB also provides direct assistance to private enterprises of developing countries through equity investments, guarantees, and loans. In addition, its triple-A credit rating helps mobilize funds for development.

Financial Instruments


Monitoring & Evaluation

ADB has developed a corporate results framework to assess its progress in implementing Strategy 2020. Annually, it will monitor implementation through the ADB Development Effectiveness Review.

(including Development Effectiveness Review 2009)


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Agreement Establishing the Asian Development Bank

By-Laws of the Asian Development Bank

Agreement Between the Asian Development Bank and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines Regarding the Headquarters of the Asian Development Bank