Sector: These principles matter especially for actors in these:

  1. Functions of Government (COFOG)
    1. 01.1.3 - External affairs (CS),
    2. 01.2.1 - Economic aid to developing countries and countries in transition (CS),
    3. 01.2.2 - Economic aid routed through international organizations (CS) and
    4. 01.3.2 - Overall planning and statistical services (CS)
  2. Economic Activities (ISIC):
    1. 8411 - General public administration activities,
    2. 8421 - Foreign affairs,
    3. 9411 - Activities of business and employers membership organizations,
    4. 9412 - Activities of professional membership organizations,
    5. 9420 - Activities of trade unions,
    6. 9491 - Activities of religious organizations,
    7. 9492 - Activities of political organizations,
    8. 9499 - Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c. and
    9. 9900 - Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies


International organizations and government entities have articulated principles that inform and support the way in which they set about fulfilling their mission.

When comparing these principles across a number of organizations and activities, it is striking that there are several commonalities. The listed common principles are based on a commonality check of:


Articulate common principles as a basis to which principles used elsewhere can be traced back.

For these common principles, provide (counter-) examples of actions, services or systems that (do not) realize these principles.

Given the traceability between principle usage and a common principle, the examples and counter-examples can serve as an input for the organizations and activities that have adopted certain principles.


This list is provided by this Actor Atlas. Yet all participants in a Global Partnership should comply with them.


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