Sector: The codes are primarily used in these sectors:

How to use?

The "coded actions" target the development of economic activity or governance that in their turn have an ISIC or COFOG tag, and increasingly they also aim for achieving sustainable development goals and targets in the recipient countries or communities.

For quickly finding the #tags for those target areas, we propose these tools:
Topic dimension Alphabetic term(-#tag) cloud #Tagpivot
economic activity Tag cloud for economic activities Economic activities (#isic & #b4sdgs)
function of government Tag cloud for functions of government Government Functions (#cofog)
sustainable development goals and targets Tag cloud for sustainable development targets Sustainable development goals (#SDGs)
geographic location Tag cloud - lgu with #WWlgu tag #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs
Addis Ababa Action Agenda #a4a2030 hashtags

Videos explaining the benefits of using these hashtags, and demonstrating the use of the tools are at the wikinetix website.


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OECD Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD-DAC) defines purpose codes for reporting about the destination of aid contributions.

The below list shows the hashtag for each DAC 5 category and code.
Click the link for the CRS purpose codes in a DAC 5 category.

Tab guide
#dac110 - Education
#dac120 - Health
#dac130 - Population policies/programmes and reproductive health
#dac140 - Water and sanitation
#dac150 - Government and civil society
#dac160 - Other social infrastructure and services
[2-3] #dac210 - #dac332 - Economic activities
[4] #dac410 - General environmental protection
#dac430 - Other multisector
[5-6] #dac510 - General budget support
#dac520 - Developmental food aid/Food security assistance
#dac530 - Other commodity assistance
#dac600 - Debt relief
[7] #dac720 - Emergency Response
#dac730 - Reconstruction relief and rehabilitation
#dac740 - Disaster prevention and preparedness
[9] #dac910 - Administrative costs of donors
#dac930 - Refugees in donor countries
#dac998 - Unallocated/unspecified

Read more: Purpose Codes: sector classification.


See Purpose Codes: sector classification.




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DAC 5 and CRS Purpose Codes (OECD DAC)