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A chapter by chapter wiki version of the G20-Declaration-Cannes Final Declaration (pdf at Scribd) Resulting from the G20 Cannes Summit (November 2011).

The original G20 Cannes Summit Declarations and Reports are provided at Official Website of the French Presidency of the G20 and G8 ( where legal notices describe the reservations and strict limits on the reproduction rights.

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G20 Cannes Summit Final Declaration: “Building our Common Future: Renewed Collective Action for the Benefit of All"


Strengthen the coordination of G20 member economic policies in order to reduce global imbalances and encourage world growth.

Growing imbalances (for instance those between countries with an export-based economic strategy, and countries that finance domestic growth by accumulating significant external debt,) create a fragile, unstable basis for world growth and thus hold it back.

Source: What is the Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth?

Why the Declaration as a wiki?

The aim of providing the Declaration as a wiki is first of all educational; and it is also to encourage a more profound public understanding of, and debate on the G20 initiatives.

In democratic civilizations, low hurdle access to individual articles of joint declarations by heads of state, a further explanation of their content, their justification, and possible criticisms are all essential ingredients an a road towards building a common future, with collective action that should yield benefits for all.


The G20 members, as described at Learn everything about G20 members. The G20 members are also listed at G20 (Actor Atlas link).


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