Sector map: A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing (ISIC)

Full Name (abbr.): Feed The Future

Owners: It is the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative

Target Groups: Based on the global burden of undernutrition and other criteria that examined the prevalence and dynamics of poverty, country commitment, and opportunities for agriculture-led growth, the potential twenty focus countries are:

There are regional strategic reviews for East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa, Asia, and Central America and Mexico

Baseline: For most of the potential target countries a strategic review has been performed. A link to it is provided in the country's initiative book, under COFOG 04.1.1 (Food Security).

Blueprint: Per country, the strategic review also explains the strategic choices and the aspirational 2015 outcomes.

Actions and Resources:
For each country a tailored strategy is being proposed. Efforts and resources are aligned with those of the national government, multi-lateral organisations, the local private sector and private sector donors.

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