For each partner country, there is an Education Sector Plan.

Brief Description

Education For All Fast Track Initiative




The reformed FTI leverages skills, resources and comparative advantages of all partners to:

  • Decrease the ratio of children out of school in low-income countries from 21.5% in 2007 to under 5% in 2015.
  • Double external funding to basic education in low-income countries, along with increased domestic funding.
  • Increase the ratio of children able to read after two years of schooling from under 10% in 2009 to 50% by 2015.


Through addressing 6 reform areas:

  1. Getting Results
  2. Strengthening the Country Focus of the FTI Partnership
  3. Elevating the EFA profile
  4. Mobilizing more financing
  5. Increasing Partner Country Voice
  6. Enhancing the Capacity of the FTI Secretaria to Support a Reformed FTI

Time Window

Started: 2002
Ends: 2015

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