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Chitwan's Development Circle & Dashboards

Communicating on development in Chitwan by using a municipal or district Development Circle?
Health care, education, economic development, social protection, environmental protection, … It can all be addressed.

Your municipal or district development circle and dashboard is worth the effort.

And it is so easy to engage, as explained under the Blogger, Contributor tab of The Fringes section.

10 - Social Protection CBMS1 Poverty Indicators:
10. Poverty line?
11. Food line?
12. Food shortage?
09 - Education

Are there ISIC-9101 - Library and archives activities?

8. Elementary school?
9. Secondary school?
08 - Recreation,
culture and religion

Are there ISIC-9101 - Library and archives activities?

07 - Health 1. Children's mortality?
2. Pregnancy related deaths?
3. Malnourished children?
6. Safe water?

06 - Housing &
4. Makeshift housing?
5. Squatters?
6. Safe water?
7. Sanitary Toilet facility?
05 - Environmental

04 - Economic Affairs

A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing:

13. Unemployed?

The Fringes

Which initiatives are ongoing in your district or municipality?
Which initiatives are urgently needed, and why?

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