The #WWlgu hashtag of Belarus - #BYlgu

Belarus - #BYlgu (in Europe)
#WWlgu hashtag: #BYlgu

самоназвание city (capital of region) #BYlgu Development data ( Knoema )
Брестской Brest (Brest) #BY01 Data atlas
Витебской Vitebsk (Vitebsk) #BY07 Data atlas
Гомельской Homel (Gomel) #BY02 Data atlas
Гродненской Hrodna (Grodno) #BY03 Data atlas
Могилевской Mogilev (Mogilev) #BY06 Data atlas
Минской Minsk (Minsk) #BY05 Data atlas
Мінск (Minsk ) #BY04 Data atlas

Note: As there is no domestically defined geocode for each département, we use the region of the ADM1 code1. Obtain that code from the ADM1 Code Search module by entering Belarus's GEC country code: BY2.

Sustainable development in Belarus - #BYlgu?

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Curated open data for Belarus - #BYlgu

Creating #tagcoded media

With a hashtag per city or local government unit, anyone can tag content about the city or local government unit, and share it via social media as explained at #tags in support of easy information retrieval (video on YouTube).

About Belarus

Belarus: A Country Study (2001, ed. by Peter R. Blood, on-line version) published by the Federal Research Division of the US Library of Congress. The study offers a comprehensive description and analysis of the country's historical setting, geography, society, economy, political system, and foreign policy.