The #WWlgu hashtag of Lebanon - #LBlgu

Lebanon - #LBlgu (in Asia)
#WWlgu hashtag: #LBlgu

بيروت city (capital of mohafazat) #LBlgu Development data ( Knoema )
بيروت Beirut [بيروت] (Beirut) #LB1 Data atlas
جبل لبنان Baabda [بعبدا] (Mount-Lebanon) #LB2 Data atlas
لبنان الشمالي Ṭrāblos [طرابلس] (North-Lebanon) #LB3 Data atlas
البقاع Zahleh [زحلة] (Bekaa) #LB5 Data atlas
لبنان الجنوبي Saida [صيدا] (South-Lebanon) #LB6 Data atlas
النبطية Nabatiyeh [نبطية] (Nabatiyeh) #LB7 Data atlas

Sustainable development in Lebanon - #LBlgu?

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Curated open data for Lebanon - #LBlgu

Creating #tagcoded media

With a hashtag per city or local government unit, anyone can tag content about the city or local government unit, and share it via social media as explained at #tags in support of easy information retrieval (video on YouTube).

About Lebanon

Lebanon : A Country Study] (2001, ed. by Peter R. Blood, on-line version) published by the Federal Research Division of the US Library of Congress. The study offers a comprehensive description and analysis of the country's historical setting, geography, society, economy, political system, and foreign policy.