Full Name (abbr.): National Literacy Mission
Socio-economic code: COFOG 09.5 (and COPNI 04.5)


Literacy campaigns, with achievements and social impacts listed at

New initiatives focus at:

  • Low Literacy states.
  • Tribal areas.
  • North Eastern states.
  • Scheduled castes and schedule tribes.
  • Women.
  • Other disadvantaged groups.
  • Minorities.
  • Adolescents.


  • State Resource Centres (SRCs) (directory) have carved out a niche for themselves among the professional adult education organisations in India. There were 14 SRCs in 1980 and their number increased to 25. Managed by NGOs or universities, all SRCs are expected to provide academic and technical resource support. This is mainly done by organising training programmes, material preparation, publishing of relevant material, extension activities, innovative projects, research studies and evaluation.
  • The Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) (Guidelines) are institutes of People's Education focusing on the poor, the illiterates, the neo-literates, the under-privileged and the un-reached. They offer a large number (371) of vocational training programmes from candle making to computer courses.