Full Name (abbr.): Tanzania Association of NGOs (TANGO)
Socio-economic code: COPNI 09.1


TANGO is a group of 632 NGOs registered Civil Society organizations. Its dream is to have a strong and vibrant civil society in Tanzania, in which NGOs play an active and effective role in promoting people-centered development. As a group, TANGO aims at increasing the quality and quantity contribution of the NGO sector in development.

As an Association TANGO is assigned by its members to fulfill five functions: Coordination of NGOs, Representation of NGOs, serve as a platform for information exchange, build the organizational capacity of Member Organizations and perform lobbying and advocacy activities to create conducive environment for NGOs.

There are three main Programmes. These are: Capacity Building, Policy Engagement and Advocacy and Information and Communication.

  • The Capacity Building programme is responsible for building the Capacity of Member (and in some cases) non member Organization. Capacity building focuses on different areas to do with Organizational Development like Organization Management, Fundraising and Resource Mobilization, Monitoring and Evaluation etc.
  • Policy Engagement focuses on Engaging the Government and Other Stakeholders (including Development Partners) on issues to do with Policies at Sub-National, National and International Level. It is under this programme that different Campaigns and Coalitions are Coordinated. These include the GCAP Coalition in Tanzania and the Civil Society Trade Coalition.
  • Information and Communication Programme focuses on collecting, processing and disseminating information to different stakeholders, particularly Civil Society Organization. This dissemination is done through different channels including the media, TANGO’s Newsletters and meetings and forum.


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