Full Name (abbr.): Actor Atlas at wikiworx.info
URL: See Wikipedia Gaps for justification.

Objective of the initiative

In support of #SDG4 - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all, considering #SDT09c - significantly increase access to ICT and strive to provide universal & affordable access to internet in LDCs.

Mutually aligned Actor Atlasses in all important languages of the world.

Possible or Committed Parties to this Initiative

  • Content contributors: Voluntary content contributions are encouraged for shoulders who can afford. Yet Actor Atlas donors are aware: someone who hardly has resources to survive, has also little means to make voluntary contributions. Hence, the donor's Paypal donations are used to provide monetary incentives to content contributors from developing countries:
    • to coach them at atria.us in using content commons as part of development communications;
    • to enable them to bring content that matters to their livelihood and development into the wikiworx.info content platform;
    • to empower them to create and sustain content commons platforms in their native language, especially in the languages for which there is an online encyclopedia initiative, as listed at Education.
    • Join the team at http://www.wikiworx.info/system:join
  • Donors:
    • This initiative and its content contributors are most grateful to you.
    • Monthly or quarterly overview of donations received and spent are posted below.


For this Actor Atlas: June 18, 2011

For other languages, reporting is at their online encyclopedia initiative pages listed at Education.

Report on Donations Received and Spent

First report when donations reach 1000 Euro, or at July 1st, 2011

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