Full Name (abbr.): #TagAthon
URL: See Wikipedia Gaps for justification.

Objective of the initiative

In support of #SDG4 - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all, considering #SDT09c - significantly increase access to ICT and strive to provide universal & affordable access to internet in LDCs.

Create an online library about sustainable development in your community.

This activity is part of "economic activity" #isic9101 - Library and archives activities.

Possible or Committed Parties to this Initiative

You, your friends and relatives can start their own #TagAthon.

See who else is committed.


You can start a #TagAthon at any time.

#TagAthon's are no longer needed when all development content has been tagged, and online publishers tag the newly created content themselves.


  1. Choose a topic: Look up the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets or Tag cloud for sustainable development targets for topics that deserve the attention of anyone.
  2. Look up #tags for it: Make use of the #tag guidelines.
  3. Invite your friends: use the suitable social media platform, it is your choice.
  4. Search, #tag, share.

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