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ISIC Rev. 4 description of #ww88I - Accommodation and food service activities (activity) (Ens Dictionary).
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Monitoring & Evaluation

In your country, what is this sector's contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets?

Participate in Voluntary Stakeholder Reporting in accordance with your role in the Social architecture:


Consider Voluntary Stakeholder Reporting as an effective way to share what you are, or could be, doing in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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See Initiative management (a Wikiworx page) for some criteria that had better be met in lean and agile cross-initiative communications as various (autonomous) social actors launch initiatives.

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Recommendations for change

See the section on Monitoring and Evaluation.

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Resources for sector development

ISIC Rev. 4 description of #ww88I - Accommodation and food service activities

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Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) and related functions of government (COFOG): #ww88I - أنشطة خدمات الإقامة والطعام, #ww88I - 食宿服务活动, #ww88I - Gastgewerbe/Beherbergung und Gastronomie, #ww88I - Accommodation and food service activities, #ww88I - Actividades de alojamiento y de servicio de comidas, #ww88I - Activités d’hébergement et de restauration, #ww88I - Akomodasi dan pelayanan makanan kegiatan, #ww88I - 宿泊・飲食業, #ww88I - Verschaffen van accommodatie en maaltijden, #ww88I - Размещение и общественное питание
Tourism open data (World Data Atlas by Knoema)
#cofog0472 - Hotels and restaurants (CS)
#cofog0473 - Tourism (CS)
The Guide to Sustainable Tourism 2012
Travel Infographics, by Visual Loop (Pinterest pinboard)

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