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ISIC Rev. 4 description of #ww88D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (activity) (Ens Dictionary).
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Monitoring & Evaluation

In your country, what is this sector's contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets?

Participate in Voluntary Stakeholder Reporting in accordance with your role in the Social architecture:


Consider Voluntary Stakeholder Reporting as an effective way to share what you are, or could be, doing in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Nearly 40% of the world's population rely on wood, coal, charcoal, or animal waste to cook their food in outdated cookstoves and open fires and are breathing in toxic smoke that causes lung disease and kills nearly two million people a year, most of them women and children.
  • Cost of energy is too high for the large majority of citizens.
  • Low resource productivity slows economic growth, harms business results and energy security.
  • Too high greenhouse gas emission and local pollution; High fuel price volatility; imbalance of payments: Increasing the share of energy from renewable sources, and improving energy efficiency can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution; energy from renewable sources can insulate countries from fuel price volatility; and improve those countries' balance of payments.

Contribute to the #NFUR00 - National follow up and review - #asd79.

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micro: ISIC 3510 Firm; ISIC 3520 Firm
meso: Energy access practitioner network

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See Initiative management (a Wikiworx page) for some criteria that had better be met in lean and agile cross-initiative communications as various (autonomous) social actors launch initiatives.

Initiative links
Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) is an initiative launched by the United Nations Secretary-General and guided by his High Level Group that brings all key actors to the table to make sustainable energy for all a reality by 2030

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Recommendations for change

See the section on Monitoring and Evaluation.

In addition:

Pico: What to change?

Micro: What to change?

  • More efficient manufacturing and IT usage could save the equivalent annual energy consumption of the EU and China combined (Energy Efficiency Infographic);
  • Adoption of small-scale lighting solutions (ref. Infographic; Universal access)

Meso: Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) sets these sector-level energy goals to achieve by 2030:

What to change?

  • Adoption of Mini/micro grids (ref. Infographic; universal access)
  • Adoption of decentralized solutions (ref. Infographic; universal access)
  • Wind technology could provide 9% of global electricity by 2030 (Renewable Energy Infographic (June, 2012))

Macro: Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) sets this global macro-level energy goal for humanity to achieve by 2030:

What to change?

  • Government leadership is key to achieving universal access in a country (ref. Infographic; universal access)

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Resources for sector development

ISIC Rev. 4 description of #ww88D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

Resource links
Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) and related functions of government (COFOG): #ww88D - إمدادات الكهرباء والغاز والبخار وتكييف الهواء, #ww88D - 电、煤气、蒸气和空调的供应, #ww88D - Energieversorgung, #ww88D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply, #ww88D - Suministro de electricidad, gas, vapor y aire acondicionado, #ww88D - Production et distribution d’électricité, de gaz, de vapeur et climatisation, #ww88D - Pasokan energi, #ww88D - 電気、ガス、蒸気及び空調供給業, #ww88D - Productie en distributie van elektriciteit, gas, stoom en gekoelde lucht, #ww88D - Снабжение электроэнергией, газом, паром и кондициониро- ванным воздухом
The Guide to Limitless Clean Energy 2012
Fact Sheet:Sustainable Energy for All Commitments - Highlights for Rio +20 (revised regularly)
Practitioner Network's Recommendations to Achieve Universal Energy Access (UN Foundation, June 2012)
REN21 Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) details worldwide developments in the renewable energy sector through 2011. The report highlights a number of key developments, including market and industry trends, investment flows, the shifting policy landscape, advancements in rural renewable energy deployment, and the evolving synergy between renewable energy and energy efficiency (Worldwatch Institute)

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