Communications in a smart Global Partnership or in a Fair Glocal Partnership for online content?

Smart tagging of development content yields open conversations on specific topics in all countries of the world. Conclusions from these conversations can be consolidated in social capital wikis for these countries: European Union, India, Maroc (en français), Nepal, Philippines, Tanzania and the United States1.

The tweets with tag #everyonesnote show on which pages there is recently added content. Please explore!

Social capital wikis reduce the burdens of learning and collaborating for local authoring and innovation.

Via Google+ communities, pages, spundge and leanpub it is now easy to discover benefits and to put content to work for you!

Then you are launched for value-interactions with content and engaging in a journey of learning from open-access and paid-for resources for knowledge intensive development in your municipality or your work.

Stay informed (when it suits you - no email!) by circling on Google+ Actor Atlas or one of the social capital pages below. Each page represents the social capital wiki for a country (or a collection of countries). Each social capital wiki is aligned with the Actor Atlas.

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