Thank you for your interest in the Actor Atlas.

Access to the Actor Atlas will remain free.
Yet, donations to support its further development are accepted.

Country-specific development dashboards will provide a localized view on the wealth of information systematized in the Actor Atlas.
The price of access to a development dashboard will depend on the country it covers.

Follow below procedure to secure your first-mover access to all development dashboards that will be launched by Wikinetix. Currently those of Belgium, Maroc (en français), Nepal, Philippines and Tanzania are being launched.
After completion of all steps, you need to be logged in with Wikidot to access the development dashboards.

  • First create a free Wikidot account via Wikidot's Create a new account screen, and activate it from the confirmation email. Remember your name (or alias) as you must provide it with your payment.

  • After your payment. In the inbox of your Wikidot account you will receive the invitation to use the development dashboards. You must accept this invitation before accessing those dashboards. It may take up to 24 hours before you will be invited.

The global to local utility and growth of the Actor Atlas and the linked development dashboards are explained in the Actor Atlas blog.
Consult and follow it. It's free!

Gradually the Actor Atlas and Development Dashboards will become your next reference source, one that leverages the social media, public sector information and advances in information structuring. It will become a companion to your dictionaries and favourite (online) encyclopedia.

Both calmly offer ''curated'' global & local content that matters to your socio-economic reality.

Once adopted, both will complement the email, news coverage and other information elements that overload you, compete for your attention, yet neglect the need driving your attention.